Residential Service

Residential Services

Protect your home and your family by removing harmful chemicals and sediments from municipal or well water. West Texas is has some of the hardest water in the country, causing damage to your homes appliances and plumbing. Let EcoWater Lubbock diagnose your water and help prevent future issues while providing clean, clear drinking water.

Business Services

Commercial / Industrial Services

Your business is the driver of our economy and the quality of your water could be the difference between success and failure. Whether you need ultra pure water for Hydroponics or Medical applications, clean drinking water to serve patrons, or RO water for immaculately clean vehicles, our experts have the experience and solutions to help solve your water problems.

Core Services

  • Service and Repair

    We will service or repair most equipment make and models.

  • Maintenance

    Proactive maintenance to keep the water clean.

  • Installation

    Our experts will install your perfect EcoWater solution.

  • Salt Delivery

    Convenient salt delivery so that you never have to deal with the burden of procuring supplies for your system.

  • D.I. Exchange

    The exchange and regeneration of deionization resin.


    Let us analyse your water to ensure the proper filtration solution.